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hearts + butcher knives

ms. psychopathia sexualis

hannah neurotica
10 February 1981
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Hannah Neurotica
Hannah Neurotica
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    Add Ax Wound zine to the list next to GG Allin, the Queers, and yours truly, of awesomely fucked up stuff to come out of New Hampshire. The zine is about women and horror flicks and some really interesting psychological and sociological aspects of movies in the genre as well. Have you ever thought that the underlying theme of struggling against conformity explains why punks love zombie movies so much? Or why little girls make the creepiest fucking villains ever? As much as I dig this zine, I have to do my job and warn you that it ain’t perfect. It’s a 3rd edition, but still needs some heavy editing: lots of grammatical errors and sentences with their endings cut off and some pages have large text on plain background. But, I still consider Ax Wound mandatory back-of-toilet reading and I encourage you to order this zine because it’s so interesting and original. –Lauren Trout (axwoundzine@yahoo.com) -RAZORCAKE talkin' about yours truly

    "...the stories in here all get awfully personal and Hannah shares a lot of strong emotions that most people would write down once and then hide to keep others from reading." –Lauren Trout, RAZORCAKE

    "...I never really did care where work comes from, whether it's a picture on a piece of paper, or a poloroid, whether you're singing into a microcassette recorder or whether i'm doing a tap dance or getting myself beaten up. It's all the same thing to me. It's unified aesthetic. It's all storytelling. There are certain clips on YouTube that are to me just as poignant and touching as a great film. I try not to have any snobbery when it comes to that stuff." -Harmony Korine

    Every word I utter, I feel strictly gutter
    That's why I touch more green than Tiger's putter
    So you mad motherfuckers mutter what you wanna
    I ain't worried 'bout none of ya and I'll say it in front of ya
    I hear the snakes hiss, talking reckless
    Thought I'd let it go and I wouldn't stress it
    Haters in the street, y'all worse than the press is
    And they all wanna hang like the charm on my necklace
    I guess things just ain't the same for gangsters
    How a snitch nigga make a record called "Wankstas"
    Everything these haters do just to degrade ya
    Only made me strong, I say thanks for the favor
    Now the D.A., wanna give me time in the feds
    I'm from Brooklyn, I could do that time on my head-
    Lil' Kim

    "Sittin' next to the Queen
    Is the closest they'll ever get to Brooklyn
    Why ya'll frontin' you know who the best be
    I'm the reason why the game so sexy
    The originator, the trend creator
    Bitch, you dun know you haffa respect me"
    -Lil' Kim, Durty

    "La Loba, the old one in the desert, is a collector of bones. In archetypal symbology, bones represent the indestructible force. They do not lend themselves to easy reduction. They are by their structure hard to burn, nearly impossible to pulverize. In myth and story, they represent the indestructible soul-spirit. We know the soul-spirit can be injured, even maimed, but it is very nearly impossible to kill....
    .......People do meditation to find psychic alignment. That's why people do psychotherapy and analysis. That's why people analyze their dreams and make art. That is why some contemplate tarot cards, cast I Ching, dance, drum, make theater, pry out the poem, and fire up their prayers. That's why we do all the things we do. It is the work of gathering bones together. Then we must sit at the fire and think about which song we will use to sing over the bones, which creation hymn, which re-creation hymn. And that truths we tell will make the song." -Women Who Run With The Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

    "...If scum ever marches, it will be over the president's stupid, sickening face;
    if scum ever strikes, it will be in the dark with a six inch blade.." -Valerie Solanas, SCUM Manifesto

    "...and you can tell
    by the red in my eyes
    and the bruises on my thighs
    and the knots in my hair
    and the bathtub full of flies
    that i'm not right now at all
    there i go again
    pretending that i'll fall
    don't call the doctors
    cause they've seen it all before
    they'll say just
    she'll learn
    the attention just encourages her"- Dresden Dolls

    "I was a late bloomer. But anyone who blooms at all, ever, is very lucky." -Sharon Olds

    "A junky runs on junk time..." - William Burroughs

    "Got pills cause I know, baby, you're not the one
    I've got pills for my coochie
    Cause baby, I'm sore
    I've got pills cause you're mad
    I've got pills cause I'm bored" -Courtney Love, Sunset Strip

    “if your not living on the edge , you’re just taking up space” – Flo Kennedy

    “…don’t be afraid of being to big, too loud, too courageous, because you’ll never go too far. Because you’re taught to think that you’ll go too far , but I don’t think you ever will.”- Alix Olson



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    Hearts and Butcher Knives 1: Enter the medicated paradox of Hannah Ax
    Wound. Explicit, blunt, timorous, flawed and smothered in hearts—the
    perfect stocking stuffer for the BDSM riot grrrl in your life.
    Hannah Neurotica, lickmylit@gmail.com [$2,
    "email to order" (age stmt) 16S :12] –Jaina Be